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Why Digicase

Over-wearing lenses is a very serious issue – 60% of people who over-wear their lenses are more likely to develop eye problems. American Academy of Optometry

Are you putting your eyes at risk by over-wearing your lenses?

Research shows:
• 57% of people are late replacing 14-day lenses
• 64% of people are late replacing 30-day lenses

If you’re putting your eyes at risk by over-wearing your lenses – you should consider the digicase contact lens storage case NOW!

Keep your eyes healthy

  • digicase is a revolutionary contact lens holder which reminds you when to change your lenses, on time, every time.
  • digicase is sleek, modern, easy to use – and the optically correct mirror in the lid means you can change lenses on the go, wherever you are.
  • Just drop your lenses in the FDA-approved, leak-proof, screw top lens case, set the digital reminder for 14 or 30 days – & you’re done!

Why the digicase comes so highly recommended

  1. Ergonomically designed case with chrome signature band
  2. Optically correct glass mirror
  3. FDA 510k and CE approved Polypropylene soaking case. (voted best soaking case in production today)
  4. Replaceable watch battery inside case.
  5. 14 and 30 day timer options with LCD screen and sounding timer system.
  6. ABS designer outer shell manufactured and assembled under EN ISO 13485 and ISO9001 quality systems.

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