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How It Works

It’s so simple, it’s brilliant!

Step 1 – Activation

To activate your digicase, open the case, lift up the soaking case and foam insert then remove the plastic seal from inside the case. The LCD display unit will now activate >>

Step 2 – Programme

To set your programme simply press and hold the 14 or 30 day buttons for 5 seconds… >>

Step 3 – Programme

You will then hear a beeping sound and your 14 or 30 day programme will appear on the contact lens storage case LCD display with an arrow along-side your programme number. >>

Step 4 – Reminder

When your programme count-down has come to an end and your lenses are ready to be replaced the digiase alarm will sound-off and a flashing ‘0’ will appear on the LCD display. >>

Step 5 – Resetting

To change your lenses or to reset the programme simply press and hold down the 14 or 30 day buttons until you hear a bleeping sound and you see an arrow appear alongsite your programme as per Step 3.