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Your questions answered

If you have any questions regarding DigiCase contact lens cases the using of this product then please feel free to post them below. If you are interested in retailing, distributing, or using the DigiCase as a promotional item then please contact us at sale@digicase(dot com) or via our contact form on the contact page.

5 Responses to Help

  1. shannon says:

    We currently carry these contact lens cases in our office. I am new here and cannot find where we have ordered them in the past. We are low on stock, and I was curious as to if you could provide me with a toll free number.

    Thank you,

    Shannon Whitaker
    Office Manager
    Circle of Life Eyecare
    Dr. Ruthie Ruan OD

  2. Michael Barnard says:

    Good day,

    Want to purchase a digital contact lenscase, only ne question the timer it rus for 30 days and not for 30 times used if I rotate them with wearing glasses


  3. Dale Westcott says:

    Hi Michael,

    The timer runs for 14 or 30 days.

    You can reset the timer whenever you like but the main function of the timer is to remind you when to replace your lenses if you are a 14 or 30 day wearer as your lenses have a shelf life irrespective of whether or not you use glasses or not.

    The main function of the case apart from digital reminder kit is that it stores you lenses in a nice safe place and has an optically correct glass mirror to assist with your lens changes.

    I hope that this helps.

    Kind regards,


  4. Allishia says:


    I am situated in Durban and want to purchase the digicase contact lenses.

    What are the delivery charges to Durban?

    Provide me with total cost of cases + delivery costs.

    Also duration of delivery


    • Dale says:

      Hi Allishia,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Are you only looking for 1 case?

      The shipping cost that is on the website is the same for all regions around the world.

      Kind regards,